Why are the Sunday Scaries so normal and accepted as ok?

The idea that we are expected to spend our whole life working jobs we hate, or that we wouldn’t do for free, is rediculous.

Why is this so accepted in our society?

Why is it seen as normal to have the Sunday scaries? That’s HORRIFYING that we dread so much of how we’re spending our time as a collective.

It tells us we aren’t important, our happiness isn’t important, our nourishment is a joke and to even mention our soul is a fool’s dream.

What happened to living a life we are proud of? Not (only) having a bank account or retirement accounts that we are proud of, but being fulfilled with how we’ve spent our time?

I remember sitting in the bathroom at work crying DOZENS AND DOZENS AND DOZENS of times, wondering why and how I was expected to waste my precious time doing something I didn’t care about. That I didn’t want to put my name to at my funeral: “Aly was a great marketer for this big company who replaced her without skipping a beat.”

You have to have INCREDIBLE bravery to even let in the voice that whispers “this isn’t right…” or “there is more here” or “I’m made for something bigger…. I have to be.

There are other options. We’re each designed to do something that ONLY we can do. Until you find that, you’re not living. You don’t get it til you find the thing.

I would do what I do for free – it *brings life* to me. It adds SO MUCH VALUE to my life. I can’t imagine my life without it. It allows me to make money from what I’m passionate about. And I didn’t know it existed, until I created it.

The reality of working a job you hate to feel secure and responsible is one reality. Its not the only one. And the more of us that reject it , call it what it is (PRISON) and defy the “man,” choosing to spend our precious time in a way you’re proud of….the more it becomes the norm.

How many times can we pretend health insurance  and casual fridays and snack rooms with coffee are such a perk?

The seed of my dream to create a new reality started in 2014. Plant your seed NOW and take action to change it.

Hating how we spend our time is not ok.

Email me if you’re ready to get out of this cycle and create true fulfillment in your life. I’ve been there and I can help! What you were made for is *so much bigger* than a mf cubicle, over-drinking cofffee and checking the clock 79 times per day to get through the day. PLEASE – let me help you tap into what you’re really here for and begin to grow your seedling into a whole new life. Your precious time and life is at stake. 

Apply for mentorship on my website or book an akashic record reading – this is the best way I can support you with this.

Memories of the Ancient World…. 

Are you also plagued by memories of the Ancient World?

Witnessing the state of our world today when you have hundreds of vivid memories of the Old World’s magick and integrity is fucking heartbreaking.

I have deeply traumatic memories of the times that those who worshipped the Goddess were killed, tortured, exiled. I was killed in so many lifetimes in a variety of ways, at the hands of patriarchal rule.

Whether that was in the burning of the Goddess Temples in Egypt, where I watched gruesome murders of my Priestess sisters or looked alongside my friends in Europe as we were burnt at the stake. Sometimes I was hung or drowned along sisters in America as “witches”. I died in many lifetimes, representing the Goddess. You likely have, too.

That’s not the part that makes me sad. What brings deep grief is remembering the beautiful lifestyles of the Old World, pre-patriarchy.

The honor and respect of all life, our deep, innate connection to Earth and the reverence for magic, connection, ecstasy and intuition.

  •  I remember life in Lemuria, living communally and experiencing the deepest feeling of unconditional love.
  • I remember honoring and worshipping the Trees as a Druidess and working with nature as the most magickal force of Love.
  • I remember walking along Lapis Lazuli floors as a Priestess in Egypt and cultivating High Magick to support the community. 
  • I remember the organic nature of life as a Shamaness and Seer in the Amazon. (I had the most lifetimes in this role).

The patriarchy has turned all of these beautiful Matriarchal societies into dust. Destroying any proof of existence, and if there is proof, it is laughed off or called “primitive.” 

The Disney movie “Avatar” is the perfect example of this. Patriarchal culture enters a community who works with the natural cycles of life, honoring the Earth & experiencing her deep magick…. to come in, pretend they are friendly and then destroy the land for profit. This is what happened to matrilineal cultures across the globe over the last 4,000 years. If you don’t believe that, think about the precise comparison between this movie and what happened to Native Americans.

Matriarchal societies believed that Earth itself, was alive and breathing. They valued the connection to Life itself as Religion- as something beyond sacred. They honored the natural cycles of life, without exploiting them for personal profit. They linked all of life with the intelligence of the Earth.

Today, we are facing environmental issues that are LITERALLY purely from not honoring the cycles of the Earth through exploitation for profit.

We are facing mental health epidemics that are also a result of a lack of honoring our own cycle, forced into a linear way of operating that is not natural for anyone.

The only place we can start is to DECIDE to honor life as cyclical. That starts with us. How do we operate in our personal lives, honoring our cycles? That’s the only way we can learn to do so with Mother Earth.

If you want to learn how to operate with our cyclical nature, I’ll be leading a powerful teaching on this in the Return to Goddess Masterclass. 

We discussed:

  • matriarchal systems (because we have to go back to those principles to create health within and for the Earth)
  • patriarchal ways of operating (so we know what NOT to do)
  • and the 3 cycles of the feminine that operate in all of our lives, consistently.

We have to know how to recognize and work with these cycles so that we can come back into our natural rhythms.

This Masterclass is important, and that’s why I’m making it free. You can register here.

There was also an Akashic Attunement at the end of the class. These are incredible shamanic journeys that are channeled from higher consciousness (in the Akashic Records). 

If you want to take this deeper and truly dive in FULLY to these cycles, I invite you into the 6 month masterclass, Return to Goddess. It’s a powerful initiation designed for a particular energy signature. You’ll know if it’s for you or not as soon as you look at the page.

Sending you lots of love from my heart to yours.

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Rage & Devotion : The Soul Codes of the Ancient Priestess 🌹

Sometimes rage is a deep part of my devotion. We’re told to stifle it, that rage is ugly, that we should just forgive and let go…

But how do you forgive what has happened to us as priestesses, as women, as a society? This has been a mf journey for me. 

To witness how the Truth has been twisted and turned, manipulated and lied about. With no consequence, whatsoever. 

To see the incredible power of my sisters, and society as a whole, be desecrated into suppression and submission. Ugh. 

Quite honestly, teaching about the ancient feminine has ravaged me. Yet, it is a deep calling that I cannot run away from. The importance of the return of our lineages and work as priestesses, shamans, healers, wisdom keepers call. In the last 3 years, I’ve learned and remembered the mastery I gained over lifetimes as a Priestess. Being that this opened up for me in such a quick time period, at times, it has 100% been too much for me to hold alone. I had to ask for help.

But, who do you ask for help, when the world has forgotten this part of history?

I asked Mary Magdalene for help…. I call her the Heart Healer. She can truly heal anything.

In the moments when I was holding deep despair, sadness, incredible grief topped with smoldering RAGE…. it felt like she was the only one who could understand or hold the ferocity and depth of what I was feeling. 

Mary Magdalene has helped me enormously in my personal life, but she has also deeply supported me in the activation of my Priestess lineage. This is one of the most valuable gifts I’ve ever been offered. 

I would like to share this gift with you in my new course, The Priestess Returns. I will be supporting on the 3d physical level with information, teachings and shamanic activations. Mary Magdalene will be in your energy field working in the quantum realm and doing energetic work with you, as you are comfortable. If you’re still reading this now, she is already with you. 

We’ll be together for 4 weeks and will be exploring Mary Magdalene as the High Priestess in a way that can help you activate your Priestess soul while healing the trauma, heartbreak, wounding, rage etc that may be alive within that space, suppressing memories or parts of yourself from emerging. You can learn about it here.  After the live group, this will be available as a self-study course until the next live round begins in Summer 2023.

What’s included: 

  • 4 Weekly modules teaching the activation of the Magdalene for that week (pre-recorded videos with a workbook). 
  • 4 Weekly group calls with an additional teaching as well as an Akashic Records healing journey.  

To me, the energy of this course feels like a deep heart activation. Allowing us to widen and deepen the heart’s capacity while healing the scar tissue in that area. We will also be doing deep work with the sacral, solar plexus and third eye chakras. Mostly, you’ll feel the deeper aspects of yourself that have been hidden, suppressed or ignored come back to life. 

Feel free to respond to this e-mail if you have any questions. You can register for the mystery school here

If you know someone else who would be super into this experience, please forward this e-mail to them or share the course with them. This is not easy work – we have almost no guidance. So, help a friend out and share this with them if you know it’s for them! 

PS – I have made a few YT videos about this if you’d like to dive deeper before the course. You can watch them here: 

You can also still get access to the Invoking Mary Magdalene Ceremony here. This is a two hour teaching on Mary Magdalene with an incredibly powerful shamanic journey at the end. I highly recommend it! 

Sending you lots of rose quartz energy from my heart to yours, 

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to receive my e-mails, you can join my community here. Wishing you abundance, love & all things magical, 

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The Priestess & the Kali Yuga

If you consider yourself a Priestess, shaman, seer, wisdom keeper, midwife, healer, empath, clairvoyant, etc…  you have likely had no form of guidance, mentorship or initiatory rites of passage in your life to understand your gifts.

Do you recognize the STRENGTH it requires to learn how to work with this on our own?

Ancient cultures and Indigenous peoples have always offered deep support through training, guidance and mentorship to those who showcased certain abilities…

In the West, we are forced to figure out our gifts on our own, usually in secrecy and likely, a lot of fear.

Priestesses of the Goddess used to be raised in the temples, from an early age, to learn how to work with their gifts and be immersed in these teachings and understandings. They were *REVERED* and highly respected in the public eye. Can you IMAGINE?

My Goddess, what I would give to have learned how to use my gifts at an early age, instead of having to figure it out on my own.

In the vast majority of cases, our ancestors were scared into silence (suppression which eventually turned into denial) or killed off. This left us with no teachers to thoroughly and properly guide us.

There has been an enormous amount of trauma associated with the Priestess (in this timeline and throughout the last 3,000 years) through the rise of the Patriarchy, which destroyed our Temples, ways of life and in many cases, literally took our lives.

People who showcased any knowledge of healing, clairvoyance, or honoring the Goddess in any way, from 1200 AD – 1600 AD would have been publicly killed: stoned, hung, burnt… often in the TOWN SQUARE for all to see. In the last 100 years, the patriarchal answer is to label us as crazy, psycho, paranoid, (still even called devil worshippers, in some cases). As if the labeling wasn’t enough, in some cases, we will be put on drugs to silence the gnosis, or worse, put in psych wards….

… so what have we learned from this? OUR GIFTS ARE NOT SAFE.  We shrink. We pretend they don’t exist. We hide and pretend we can keep pushing them down and ignore our soul nudges, over and over. But, deep down, we know that we can’t. They are a part of us.

So, how do we celebrate our gifts (and master them) in a world that doesn’t yet see the true value? That doesn’t yet honor our way of life? That doesn’t celebrate the Feminine and her deep magick?  When we might feel incredibly unsafe doing so?

….Celebrate, honor and SHARE TF OUT OF YOUR GIFTS anyways. Trust that they hold a VITAL key to us changing the vibration of the planet.

It doesn’t matter who judges you, who misunderstands, who devalues you… celebrate your gifts and who you are. Know that this will change and the work is more important than we could ever imagine.

Our gifts as Seers, Healers, Midwives, Herbalists, Prophets, Shamans, Initiators are extraordinarily valuable. We just live in a highly toxic world that doesn’t see the value (yet).

Our work will bring the Full Return of the Feminine (aka honoring our Selves, Mama Earth and all sentient beings)… starting to activate the path to the next Golden Age. It’s kind of a big deal.  

Two videos that will support you in reclaiming your gifts & truly understanding the power of them… 

1. If you’re curious about what the term “Priestess” means and if it applies to you (plus some interesting tidbits about the Priestess lineage across cultures), watch this video.

2. If you already recognize yourself as a Priestess, Healer, Shaman, Seer, Midwife, Oracle, etc, but feel undervalued – WATCH THIS. It will help and serve as a really important reminder for you. Promise! Watch the video here.

If you can feel the trauma of holding these gifts, whether you call yourself a Priestess, or something else, I have something for you… 

The Priestess Returns Mystery School includes:

  • 4 weekly modules, teaching about each face of Mary Magdalene that support healing a deep Priestess Wound
  • 4 weekly group calls, to share an additional teaching PLUS an Akashic Record Healing to support the healing of each wound.

You’ll reclaim your Priestess AND learn how to heal the wounding associated with the immense trauma we’ve experienced (in this lifetime and in countless previous lifetimes). You can learn more about it here. The container opens 8/11! Psssst this is one of my lowest cost offerings I’ve released in a LONG time, esp with the Early Bird discount. I hope you take advantage if this is calling to you!


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Expanding the Heart Chakra with Mary Magdalene

Our hearts are infinite… and… they’ve been asked to hold a lot. Too much.

The depth of the heart scares a lot of us – so, instead, we choose to harden, as a form of protection. We subconsciously build walls around the heart that “keep us safe.” It makes rational sense… “ok, I am dying from the pain of this heartache, so now I’m going to shield my heart so I won’t have to experience this pain again…” but that also means that nothing can enter your heart at all.

In the Akashic Records, I often see that we are holding about 10% of the capacity of the love we could be experiencing (that is with people who have already done the work to remove their heart walls). We have so much room to expand – and how would our experience of life change with a 90% expansion of the heart?

This is Mary Magdalene’s healing territory – the ecstatic repair of the heart. She radiates unconditional love to a depth that I can almost guarantee you have never experienced before. This love is not the love that we feel for another human, but the *ultimate* love : unconditional love. This love goes even deeper than a mother’s love for her child, because there are no judgments, conditions, ownership, or control involved. It’s just GRADE AAA Unconditional Love.

Mary Magdalene experienced deep trauma, prosecution, heartbreak and pain in her lifetime and so her transmission of love feels different than other Ascended Masters because she walked this Earth as a human. Mother Mary can also exude a similar frequency, but in my experience, I work with her more to feel peace and acceptance. Yeshua can also offer deep heart healing, but I call upon the Magdalene to heal the deep breaks of the heart. If you have a tender heart (or a protected heart), I cannot recommend Mary Magdalene enough for you.

By now, you probably know that I’m hosting a Ceremony tomorrow for Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day called “Invoking Mary Magdalene.” I will be sharing more about her fascinating mystery and how she has shown up historically, but what I’m actually most excited about is for you to experience her healing power directly in the Akashic Records Journey we will be taking together.

There is NOTHING that you could do or experience that Mary Magdalene will not help you love yourself through, while at the same time, she is deepening your heart’s capacity to experience love. Her energy will leave you feeling deeply loved, accepted and cherished, no matter what you’re asking for support with.

PS – An extra resource for you if your heart could use some extra love *right this second *

I created this quick 5-min Heart Healing Meditation, ironically, two years ago when I began working with Mary Magdalene in the Akashic Records. It’s simple and to the point, and you’ll feel at least a little bit more free in the heart after watching it.

Sending you lots and lots and lots and lots of love!

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to receive my e-mails, you can join my community here. Wishing you abundance, love & all things magical, 

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Breaking Up With Love – Soul Contracts, Karmic Healing & Growth Through Relationships Closing

Today I am sharing a more personal message, with the knowing that this will deeply serve others. If this doesn’t apply to you, send it to a friend going through this. I promise, it will help them. 

Breakups are never easy. We’ve received the idea that they are always ugly, name calling, hurtful, screaming at each other…

but the closing of relationships can actually be one of our most powerful opportunities for karmic healing and soul growth – if we attune to the breakup with a certain perspective and thought process.

A few months ago, I created a video called “Breaking Up With Love” that is now available for you to watch for free on YouTube. This talks about cultivating a conscious breakup, whether the person you are with is open and willing to create that with you, or whether it is occurring on your own.

This will support you in using the experience to learn, grow, heal and transform (instead of repeating the same cycle over and over). It’s an opportunity to move through lifetimes of healing (or cause karmic ruts that you’ll experience cycle after cycle throughout many lifetimes). You can watch it here.

Please let me know how this video lands for you and share it with someone you know who is going through a breakup, as it will help them. We all know breakups are hard, no matter how “conscious” the closing is. This video will bring healing to the heart space and inspiration to approach it from a different angle of soul healing.

A few other videos I shared this week, related to conscious relationships, that may be of interest to you:

The Divine Love Template

The Epidemic of Spiritual Fuckboys (lol) 

Sending you so much love.

Facing the Toxic Feminine

True leadership is taking responsibility for your part and recognizing and healing your wounded parts of self. This starts with understanding what Feminine Energy really is and allowing yourself to see the ways in which you’ve been conditioned away from this energy. It also REALLY helps to study and understand the history of the extreme demonization of the Feminine that started all of this, thousands of years ago.

It’s natural that we have forgotten the Powerful Feminine (Goddess), when extreme manipulation and fear tactics were used for thousands of years to program us. I mean, the MOST OBVIOUS, if there is a father and son, where tf is the mother and daughter?

Think about the programming that still exists today from thousands of years ago…

  • “you are born a sinner and must repent for your natural, primal ways”
  • “sex is dirty and so is money…. ignore it and don’t talk about it. Hide your urges – they are shameful.”
  • “be good” (because you naturally are not good).
  •  “intuition that comes from within is demonic… only Priests can deliver God’s word.” 
  • “hide your body from men, it is too tempting”

We may not be flat out TOLD these things, but they definitely still live and breathe in our ancestral lines, particularly if you have a family of strong religious backgrounds.  The strongest skills of the Feminine lie within her intuition and her sexual energy (literal creation). When these are suppressed, we start to become a deformed version of our true, powerful selves.

Instead of saying #FUCKTHEPATRIARCHY…. all we have to do is bring the Goddess Consciousness back into society.

To do so, we must learn where we are operating from a wounded nature.   

So, let’s see which forms of the Toxic Feminine are still living with in you
. Here are a few of the most common traits of the wounded feminine that show up far more often than we’re aware of:

  • using manipulation as a means of safety (this will usually be highly subtle). Think… “if I do this, he’ll do that”. This is done on a daily basis, in many cases. It’s just about finding the subtle moments, becoming aware of them, and choosing differently. 
  • trying to control or force situations…. when we are coming from a healed state, the feminine is simply a force of RECEIVING. She allows and trusts. She doesn’t need to control. (Note that we all have masculine energy too, so I’m not saying to just lay on the couch and start receiving 24/7, this is just a part of us that becomes more trusting and surrendered. However, our own masculine energy will still take inspired action when led). 
  • sexual manipulation to try to gain something… this could be sexual acts, flirting to get what you want, showing your body in a certain way to receive attention. It’s not about the sexual piece being “wrong”… it’s about the impurity of it not being purely from love, but, instead, with an agenda attached to it. 
  • belittling the masculine, being over-critical of him, etc… this one is very, very, very common particularly among women who hold a strong masculine energy or have been raised in families where the “women wore the pants.” We can, instead, learn to call the masculine forward, instead of trying to create change through criticism or judgment.  If this one pings you, I highly recommend reading Alison Armstrong’s books, particularly Keys to the Kingdom and Queen’s Code.  I have learned SO MUCH from her books that have completely changed how I interact with men and have shown me just how much I have come from a wounded feminine energy in this area in my life.
  • submissiveness, meekness, hiding energy : this came directly from the Catholic Church’s programming circa 1500 BC. That’s all I’ll say about that. Watch the Return to Goddess masterclass if you want to know more. 
  • repressing or ignoring our intuition (labeling it as crazy or demonic): samesies as what I said above. This was taught… and it results in removing one of our greatest forms of Feminine power. 

There’s so much more, but I think that gives you a good chunk to munch on and gain awareness on within yourself.  A few ways you can deep into this information through my work : 

  1. I have several free videos available on my YouTube channel discussing the ancient feminine & the painful shift into patriarchy
  2. Watch the masterclass “Return to Goddess”
  3. Join the Initiation Mastermind, – get on the waiting list for the next round!
    The INITIATION Mastermind is a portal of activating your Goddess Consciousness. That simply means that you will be brought into an energetic container in the quantum field which reorganizes your life and your Self to operate from a deeper level of sovereignty and truth, according to your Soul Signature.  This is a deep activation and if it’s for you, you’ll be called to it. It includes:
  • bi-weekly group calls with an Akashic Activation channeled based on what’s needed that week
  • 24/7 Voxer group chat for additional support
  • 3 personal 1:1 sessions with me 
  • energetic upgrades each month attuning you into a new cycle of the Feminine

Remember your magic! 

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to receive my e-mails, you can join my community here. Wishing you abundance, love & all things magical, 

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It’s Like There is Something They Want Us to Forget…

I bet you didn’t know this about women in ancient times… (these are documented facts about Egyptian cultures written by Greek theologists)

  • inheritances were passed through the woman’s bloodline
  • property, land and belongings were designated to women
  • a woman’s husband or lover lived with the woman and her family, taking her name 

Would you agree that by the way ancient times are spoken about, our culture really sees itself as “above” old cultures? Like we are much more advanced than previous cultures? Sort of how a narcissist talks poorly about someone to make themselves appear higher than….

Words like “primitive”, “underdeveloped”, “uncivilized’, “savages”, etc are used to diminish these cultures as they were not focused on profit as our system is. They also honored and revered women (and Nature).

Our culture today exploits humans, animals and the Earth, so it would be pretty dangerous for us to actually learn about how advanced these older civilizations (pre-patriarchy) were.

Today, most of us are completely reliant on the system and would not have a clue how to survive outside of it. Our attention spans are TEENSY. We are addicted to the external to find safety, love, security, joy…. would you call that more advanced? 

Women have been emptied of knowing our actual history. Why do you think that is?? The Patriarchy  (the Catholic Church) taught us from about 2000BC onwards that women were nothing except vessels for a child to be birthed through – otherwise, worthless (there are so many biblical scriptures that flat out say this). They stripped us of all power – we had no rights, no property, no respect, no safety, no control over our bodies.  (Learn more about this in the masterclass). 

We’ve been taught that the only truth is a male-dominated power system and that’s all that there has ever been.

The truth? WOMEN were the originators of all human culture and civilization. So why do we learn about cavemen and only hear about the hunters? What about the gatherers who provided 85% of nourishment for their tribes, or raised the children in the tribe, or invented cooking and hundreds of other skill sets. They also say that women were the originators of fire.

Do you see that so much has been hidden from us? What would happen if we took that power back and returned to the natural cycles of life?

The conditioning is DEEP, I mean this programming (psychological manipulation) goes back 5,000+ years. That’s why I’ve been speaking on it so much lately. I’ve created a few ways for you to learn more about this (the first two for free)….

 1) a whole playlist of videos based on this concept on my YouTube Channel – you can watch here.

2) If you’d like to see the FULL material, I invite you to watch the Return to Goddess masterclass, which is currently being offered for free. This is going to touch you deeply and will likely piss you off. But, I think it’s always better to know the Truth rather than continue to walk around with a blindfold on, pretending you can see. You can access the masterclass replay here.

3) If you’re ready to be Initiated by the Goddess herself, learn to swim comfortably through the 6 cycles of the Feminine, and create a life based on your soul’s guidance completely (with no systematic “shoulds”)… I invite you into the INITIATION Mastermind – visit the website and you can get on the waiting list if you’d like to be kept updated about the next mastermind!

This is a powerful space where you will be activated for your Soul Mission, but also, become a steward of the Goddess Consciousness. This is a potent space that is going to offer you deep shamanic journeying, 1:1 support, sisterhood and mentorship.

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to receive my e-mails, you can join my community here. Wishing you abundance, love & all things magical, 

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Trademarks of the Patriarchy

This might be difficult to read. You know “stockholm syndrome” when someone is kidnapped and then they start to feel comfortable with their abductor?

That’s pretty similar to our patriarchal culture.  If a psychotherapist were to evaluate our system itself, I’m pretty sure words like “narcissist”, “gaslighting”, “abusive”, “manipulative”, “dangerous” would be commonly used. 

If you have only been in abusive relationships, you wouldn’t even know what a healthy relationship is like. That’s where we are at. 

The only thing we have for proof of another way of life is our past life memories and the hard work of some deeply dedicated individuals who have spent their lives studying these cultures, diving through history of the Church’s takeover. 

Matriarchal cultures were far more advanced than we’ve been led to believe. Like an abuser would do, these cultures were name called as “primitive”, “uncivilized”, “satanic”. They infused Spirit into everything that they did. There was rarely war. No hierarchy.

They were experts in astrology and working with the stars, working with plant medicines for healing and transcendent experience, in natural conception, in agriculture. Bloodlines and inheritance passed down through the female. Life was much more communal and no one was “property” of another (even children). All were seen as sovereign, beautiful children of the Goddess.

Full libraries were burned of their knowledge of the stars, working with the land, of spiritual wisdom at the time of the Patriarchy’s full acquisition of power. You only burn books if you’re afraid of what people will learn from them. They were seen as an enemy to be acquired and dissolved. If they would not conform and move into a literal slave system (where most became peasants), they would be killed. 

They were living in harmony with the Earth, respecting her and being fully nourished and supported for tens of thousands of years in living in such a way. They were NOT AVAILABLE for exploitation of the Earth. Matriarchies would have seen over-farming as an act of hostility towards the Goddess (they literally called it “r*ping the Earth”), as the Goddess was Earth itself (and self).  They had this same relationship with Self (something we can deeply learn from, as well).

What was extra-triggering to the patriarchy was that matriarchal societies were ONE with God (the Goddess, to be more particular) – they had direct connection with her. You can’t control someone who experiences God within. This was the opposite of what the Church taught… that the Sky Father lived in a completely different place and could only be reached through the medium of a Priest, who (unlike the Goddess) could not offer any direct healing, only words or passages.

Naturally, they had to be taken out, in the name of profits and power. 

The patriarchy introduced extreme exploitation of everything that would create profits. This is why humans today have been trained to be effective, productive little machines that can produce the most profits as possible. We are just seen as cogs in the system, to continue mass production and creation, at whatever cost is necessary. We should minimize our “humanness” as much as possible and aim to be more like a robot (as they are now our competition for jobs).   

We’ve been so deeply programmed and manipulated, we truly don’t even know what living life is. We’ve been in prison for 4,000 years. 

There is so much I want to share with you about this topic. Learning the truth is incredibly important.

I will start sharing this via the “Return to Goddess”  Masterclass where we will be discussing some basics of the shift from matriarchy to patriarchy, but mostly focusing on how we move back towards a healthy culture by working with our cyclical nature. We will end with a powerful Akashic Records Activation. This offers years of my own study in a 2 hour class for you!

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