Breaking Up With Love – Soul Contracts, Karmic Healing & Growth Through Relationships Closing

Today I am sharing a more personal message, with the knowing that this will deeply serve others. If this doesn’t apply to you, send it to a friend going through this. I promise, it will help them. 

Breakups are never easy. We’ve received the idea that they are always ugly, name calling, hurtful, screaming at each other…

but the closing of relationships can actually be one of our most powerful opportunities for karmic healing and soul growth – if we attune to the breakup with a certain perspective and thought process.

A few months ago, I created a video called “Breaking Up With Love” that is now available for you to watch for free on YouTube. This talks about cultivating a conscious breakup, whether the person you are with is open and willing to create that with you, or whether it is occurring on your own.

This will support you in using the experience to learn, grow, heal and transform (instead of repeating the same cycle over and over). It’s an opportunity to move through lifetimes of healing (or cause karmic ruts that you’ll experience cycle after cycle throughout many lifetimes). You can watch it here.

Please let me know how this video lands for you and share it with someone you know who is going through a breakup, as it will help them. We all know breakups are hard, no matter how “conscious” the closing is. This video will bring healing to the heart space and inspiration to approach it from a different angle of soul healing.

A few other videos I shared this week, related to conscious relationships, that may be of interest to you:

The Divine Love Template

The Epidemic of Spiritual Fuckboys (lol) 

Sending you so much love.

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