Why are the Sunday Scaries so normal and accepted as ok?

The idea that we are expected to spend our whole life working jobs we hate, or that we wouldn’t do for free, is rediculous. Why is this so accepted in our society? Why is it seen as normal to have the Sunday scaries? That’s HORRIFYING that we dread so much of how we’re spending ourContinue reading “Why are the Sunday Scaries so normal and accepted as ok?”

Memories of the Ancient World…. 

Are you also plagued by memories of the Ancient World? Witnessing the state of our world today when you have hundreds of vivid memories of the Old World’s magick and integrity is fucking heartbreaking. I have deeply traumatic memories of the times that those who worshipped the Goddess were killed, tortured, exiled. I was killed inContinue reading “Memories of the Ancient World…. “

Rage & Devotion : The Soul Codes of the Ancient Priestess 🌹

Sometimes rage is a deep part of my devotion. We’re told to stifle it, that rage is ugly, that we should just forgive and let go… But how do you forgive what has happened to us as priestesses, as women, as a society? This has been a mf journey for me.  To witness how the TruthContinue reading “Rage & Devotion : The Soul Codes of the Ancient Priestess 🌹”

The Priestess & the Kali Yuga

If you consider yourself a Priestess, shaman, seer, wisdom keeper, midwife, healer, empath, clairvoyant, etc…  you have likely had no form of guidance, mentorship or initiatory rites of passage in your life to understand your gifts. Do you recognize the STRENGTH it requires to learn how to work with this on our own? Ancient cultures andContinue reading “The Priestess & the Kali Yuga”

Expanding the Heart Chakra with Mary Magdalene

Our hearts are infinite… and… they’ve been asked to hold a lot. Too much. The depth of the heart scares a lot of us – so, instead, we choose to harden, as a form of protection. We subconsciously build walls around the heart that “keep us safe.” It makes rational sense… “ok, I am dying from the pain of this heartache, soContinue reading “Expanding the Heart Chakra with Mary Magdalene”

Breaking Up With Love – Soul Contracts, Karmic Healing & Growth Through Relationships Closing

Today I am sharing a more personal message, with the knowing that this will deeply serve others. If this doesn’t apply to you, send it to a friend going through this. I promise, it will help them.  Breakups are never easy. We’ve received the idea that they are always ugly, name calling, hurtful, screaming atContinue reading “Breaking Up With Love – Soul Contracts, Karmic Healing & Growth Through Relationships Closing”

Facing the Toxic Feminine

True leadership is taking responsibility for your part and recognizing and healing your wounded parts of self. This starts with understanding what Feminine Energy really is and allowing yourself to see the ways in which you’ve been conditioned away from this energy. It also REALLY helps to study and understand the history of the extreme demonization ofContinue reading “Facing the Toxic Feminine”

It’s Like There is Something They Want Us to Forget…

I bet you didn’t know this about women in ancient times… (these are documented facts about Egyptian cultures written by Greek theologists) Would you agree that by the way ancient times are spoken about, our culture really sees itself as “above” old cultures? Like we are much more advanced than previous cultures? Sort of how a narcissist talksContinue reading “It’s Like There is Something They Want Us to Forget…”

Trademarks of the Patriarchy

This might be difficult to read. You know “stockholm syndrome” when someone is kidnapped and then they start to feel comfortable with their abductor? That’s pretty similar to our patriarchal culture.  If a psychotherapist were to evaluate our system itself, I’m pretty sure words like “narcissist”, “gaslighting”, “abusive”, “manipulative”, “dangerous” would be commonly used.  If you have only beenContinue reading “Trademarks of the Patriarchy”