Why are the Sunday Scaries so normal and accepted as ok?

The idea that we are expected to spend our whole life working jobs we hate, or that we wouldn’t do for free, is rediculous.

Why is this so accepted in our society?

Why is it seen as normal to have the Sunday scaries? That’s HORRIFYING that we dread so much of how we’re spending our time as a collective.

It tells us we aren’t important, our happiness isn’t important, our nourishment is a joke and to even mention our soul is a fool’s dream.

What happened to living a life we are proud of? Not (only) having a bank account or retirement accounts that we are proud of, but being fulfilled with how we’ve spent our time?

I remember sitting in the bathroom at work crying DOZENS AND DOZENS AND DOZENS of times, wondering why and how I was expected to waste my precious time doing something I didn’t care about. That I didn’t want to put my name to at my funeral: “Aly was a great marketer for this big company who replaced her without skipping a beat.”

You have to have INCREDIBLE bravery to even let in the voice that whispers “this isn’t right…” or “there is more here” or “I’m made for something bigger…. I have to be.

There are other options. We’re each designed to do something that ONLY we can do. Until you find that, you’re not living. You don’t get it til you find the thing.

I would do what I do for free – it *brings life* to me. It adds SO MUCH VALUE to my life. I can’t imagine my life without it. It allows me to make money from what I’m passionate about. And I didn’t know it existed, until I created it.

The reality of working a job you hate to feel secure and responsible is one reality. Its not the only one. And the more of us that reject it , call it what it is (PRISON) and defy the “man,” choosing to spend our precious time in a way you’re proud of….the more it becomes the norm.

How many times can we pretend health insurance  and casual fridays and snack rooms with coffee are such a perk?

The seed of my dream to create a new reality started in 2014. Plant your seed NOW and take action to change it.

Hating how we spend our time is not ok.

Email me if you’re ready to get out of this cycle and create true fulfillment in your life. I’ve been there and I can help! What you were made for is *so much bigger* than a mf cubicle, over-drinking cofffee and checking the clock 79 times per day to get through the day. PLEASE – let me help you tap into what you’re really here for and begin to grow your seedling into a whole new life. Your precious time and life is at stake. 

Apply for mentorship on my website or book an akashic record reading – this is the best way I can support you with this.

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