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I hope that you enjoy these free gifts, from my heart to yours!

Akashic Healings, Activations & Journeys

Diamond Rose Mind Cleanse

a quick 9 minute meditation to cleanse the mind, relieve anxiety, clear mind fog & create clarity!


Full trainings to introduce you to my work in a deeper way

Return to Goddess Masterclass

The Shift from Matriarchy to Patriarchy

This topic is VITAL for us to learn about to truly heal and understand our power as women. 2 hour class including an Akashic Records Activation!

Mary Magdalene Masterclass

a POWERFUL training to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Mary Magdalene + an intimate Akashic Records journey where you can deepen your connection with the Magdalenas. This is the Orientation Video for the Priestess Returns Mystery School.

Descending Into the Primordial Earth Womb

Understanding the Initiatory Pathway of the Underworld Initiation. Learn about the Goddess’s mythical journey through the underworld and how we can use this space as a power portal. 2 hour class including an Akashic Records Activation!

Divinely Funded Masterclass

How Would the World Change if Light Leaders Held the Majority of Wealth? This is the Introduction Video for Divinely Funded – a Sacred Wealth & Leadership Training for Wayshowers

Sacred Ceremonies

Moon Ceremony Workbooks

These workbooks have received wonderful reviews and are now available complimentary for you, as a gift! I created them for my own personal ceremonies and have used them for years since.

These are powerful guided journal prompts to support you in working with the moon cycles. I recommend keeping a Moon Journal and using these prompts in your ceremonies for each New Moon & Full Moon.

YouTube Channel

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