Private Coaching

If you truly desire to create deep change in your life and feel drawn to Aly, this is the best option to do so – it gives you the opportunity to work with Aly and gain access to all parts of her wisdom and guidance.

You can choose a 3-month package or a yearlong mentorship, for a much deeper experience together.

The two options to work with Aly are a 3-month 1:1 container or a 12-month 1:1 experience.

3 months : perfect to work on one major area of life. This includes bi-weekly calls over the 3 months and you will have access to Aly in between calls.

This option costs $3333 when you pay in full, or $3997 with a payment plan (and a $1K deposit).

12 months: this is a much deeper experience, where we can work through a plethora of areas in your life that are coming up for cleansing, purification and regeneration. This 12-month container also includes 6 Akashic Attunements that you will receive bi-monthly and you will have access to Aly for the entire year as you have questions or shares between calls.

This experience costs $11,111 when you pay in full or $12,000 with a payment plan (and a $2K deposit).

Please note that offerings and pricing are subject to change at any time.

“Aly has a beautiful way of knowing how to nurture, hold and empower you while stretching you at the same time. She provides a space where you feel completely safe and supported as you stretch into the unknown and out of your comfort zone!”

Only apply for this container if you are really ready to shift your life and are willing to show up fully.

To apply, please complete the form below. This requires a $111 deposit that will be applied to your mentorship package should you decide to work with Aly and give you 30 mins to discuss mentorship.

If you have simple questions regarding this mentorship and if it’s a fit, feel free to message Aly on IG @aly.wilkins or email at