Work With Me

Align your life with your unique soul design and experience the deep fulfillment you’ve been craving in your Spirit. Unlock your soul blueprint and uncover your soul mission work in this lifetime! This is for you if you:

  • desire to feel more fulfilled in your life and know that you’re here for something more
  • feel a deep calling in your life (whether you tangibly know what it is, or not) and desire to fulfill your highest potential
  • want to live as authentically YOU as possible – the normal life isn’t for you

This is for the person who is ready to enter the mystery and become the Initiate. You’ll tap into depths of consciousness and self that you have never reached before, transforming your entire experience of life and reality!

Initiatory work is based in the power of the Ancient Feminine. I use my gifts as a High Priestess to craft an Initiatory process for you to deepen and expand into your full range of power as a Sacred Feminine! There is no going back after you experience this energy.

If this is for you, you will feel a deep soul calling towards ancient lineages, Goddesses & esoteric wisdom and feel a strong pull towards me and this container, itself.

This is the VIP Experience – I become your Personal Oracle & Initiator for 9 months.

“The Oracle” mentorship is the closest access you can get to me – it’s for the person who is ready to be in a long-term Initiation with me, and be fully supported through this process.

This includes bi-weekly calls, private Voxer chat access and enrollment to all of my offerings, as well as an optional add-on custom retreat.

Imagine who you become when you have this type of support for 9 full months. *CHILLS*

If you’d prefer to message me on Instagram or send me an e-mail with any questions about these mentorship packages, you can do that as well! Find me on Instagram @aly.wilkins and e-mail me at