☥ Offerings ☥

All of the products I have created to sell are things that I have personally used and found profound shifts from. They are designed for you to be able to access over and over again to reach deeper layers of your consciousness each time.

Lemurian Crystalline Temple

A powerful 35- minute energetic attunement from the lands of Lemuria. This offers a deep physical clearing while gently infusing high frequencies into your energetic grid. It is POTENT. You can do it multiple times and receive different healing activations. Features high frequency music transitions to support the depth of your healing.

The Priestess Returns Mystery School

A journey into ancient times to support deep healing, remembrance & ownership of our true power as Priestesses, Healers, Tantrikas, Oracles, Seers, Muses, Shamans & Wisdom Keepers. The birthing of true Goddess Consciousness.

Divinely Funded Wealth Mystery School

An experience for Light Leaders who are ready to activate Wealth Consciousness and Sacred Leadership through their Soul Mission.

Infinite Beauty : Activating Divinity Through Beauty

A powerful experience of remembering your innate beauty and Divinity within self. Heal body image issues and re-program how you see your beauty. (AMAZING REVIEWS!)

40 Day Sacred Wealth Ceremony {Personal Ceremony}

A 40 day sacred ceremony to attune you to the frequency of wealth and abundance. This has raving reviews!

New Year Activation Workbook

Create a powerful new year from your most expansive state with this 20+ page workbook. You can use this at any time of the year, but it is “themed” for the New Year.