Akashic Record Sessions

The Akashic Records offer you a fast track to growth, healing and rapid expansion in a way that feels gentle, loving and familiar. Journeying into this space can help you save YEARS of repeating unconscious patterns, operating with energetic blocks and circling again and again around the same issues. One of the most frequent things I hear from clients is that their sessions help confirm their deepest knowings… and give them the strength, courage and precise guidance needed to move forward.

Journeying to the Akashic Records is a magical experience that will call you to you when you are ready. It allows you to receive guidance from the HIGHEST – and often includes deep energetic attunements, clearings & activations.

Every single session is different and completely custom based on what is occurring in your energetic body and in your physical life on Earth at this time.

I simply act as the translator – sharing the messages from the higher realms, your spirit guides, ancestors.. what I call your “cosmic support team”… to you.

“Aly has my highest recommendation – she is a highly talented Akashic practitioner & a gifted intuitive with unmatched integrity and devotion.” – Sydney Campos

Individual Sessions

Single sessions are only available a few times each year, so make sure to get on the waitlist to be the first to hear when spots open up!

Book 3 Sessions to Use Over a Year

Schedule 3 sessions to use over the next 12 months that you can book now, without having to wait for individual sessions to open {package price saves $333)!

When you go to book your session, you will see a few different types of Akashic Record Sessions. Use the guide below to determine which is right for you:

Akashic Record Reading: Messages From Your Guides – this is the OG Akashic Record Reading. Choose this option if you don’t have a specific focus (like the options below). Your Guides customize the entire experience based on what is most needed for you at this time. In the last 20-30 minutes of the session, you can ask your guides any questions that you’d like! I suggest bringing 5 questions with you to the session about what feels most important for you.

Soul Blueprint & Soul Mission – this focused session will highlight your Soul Blueprint and the archetypes that are asking to be born through you in this incarnation! We’ll look in depth at your soul mission(s) and your guides will relay what’s important for you to bring your soul mission to life in a deeper way at this time. This helps you to truly anchor in what you are here to do in this life on a soul level! You can also bring questions to ask your guides at the end of our session.

Lemurian Light Body Healing & Messages from Lemurian Guides – this focused session is a deep energetic attunement and is focused on releasing density, blockages & heaviness through crystalline activations in the Lemurian Temples of Light. In most cases, we also have time for messages to come through from your Lemurian Guides! This is recommended for those who feel very connected to Lemuria or the Pleaides.

Serpentine Wealth Codes – this focused session is different for each person. We are looking at the Wealth held within your energetic structure. This is really an attunement to be able to hold more power. It is not for everyone. This is a special gift from the Dragons and Serpentine Beings of Light. It is only for those who hold high integrity. This session is mostly offering a deep clean of your system in relation to lack, vows of poverty and ancient karma holding you back, but it also provides an infusion of high frequency crystalline light, that is custom for each person who receives this session. In some cases, it will also offer guidance and wisdom as to how you can hold wealth on the physical, energetic and spiritual planes in larger amounts.

Quantum Business Deep Dive – this is an excellent introduction to mentorship in a one-time offering. We go into the Akashic Records of your Soul Mission and your Business to support business creation, expansion and branding. We will spend 3 hours together and you’ll have text support with me for 7 days following the session via Voxer. You’ll have my guidance as an intuitive, translating the messages of your guides as well as the mentorship of someone who has had a business for the last 7 years, has a Marketing Degree and grew up in a family of entrepreneurs (in varying industries)!

What to Expect in Your Session

  • Deep energetic re-coding to activate new embodiments and heal blockages/stifled energy {this occurs in almost every session}
  • Messages from your guides & guidance to support your next cycle {they bring through information in the most unique way!}
  • Shamanic journeys to support your next area of awakening {you keep a recording and can re-watch as often as you’d like}
  • Past life healing & soul retrievals {the impact rippling out into lifetimes beyond…}
  • Light code transmissions to anchor in higher vibrations into your system {this also happens in almost every session}
  • Energetic Attunements for the Chakras {you typically feel a great opening or space clearing with this work}
  • Insight into unique gifts mastered in your past lives to apply to your life now
  • Information & guidance related to your soul mission & purpose in this lifetime
  • Guidance and healing support related to friendships, partnerships & other relationships in your life

The guidance received in these sessions will help you make important decisions in your life, determine how to move forward, get clarity on what’s next and, essentially, give you whatever information you are looking for! It is *especially* supportive if you find yourself at a crossroads in your life.

What The Experience Looks Like:

This session is a 90 minute virtual experience with me via Zoom that you can record and keep. I highly recommend re-watching your session again later – you’ll get even more out of it the second time around and *another* energy healing!

First, I will channel through the guidance I hear and then you can ask 5-10 questions you’d like! Typically, your guides already know what you’re going to ask and answer all of your questions before you even have the opportunity to ask! *95% of my sessions only have 1 or 2 questions that were not answered already from their list.*

Individual Sessions

Book 3 Sessions to Use Over a Year

If You Want To Know More…

What Are the Akashic Records?

This realm holds a very high frequency that offers a powerful energetic healing in addition to receiving helpful information from your highest guidance, channeled through the “empty vessel” of me.

The Akashic Records are essentially a library of all information from all time and all dimensions. Your Soul has its own book, that can be helpful for you to receive information from to help guide you in your life, balance karma, receive helpful information from other lifetimes and more!

It is a tool that I use daily and would *never* give up. This is an incredibly powerful, potent, healing experience that will change your life forever!

Feel free to e-mail me at alywilkinsabundance@gmail.com if you have any additional questions. BUT – I would say that if the Akashic Records are calling to you, trust it. The timing of these guides is always impeccable! If you are desiring a session, but the times listed on my calendar don’t work for you, just send me an e-mail and we’ll see what time works for both of us!