Memories of the Ancient World…. 

Are you also plagued by memories of the Ancient World?

Witnessing the state of our world today when you have hundreds of vivid memories of the Old World’s magick and integrity is fucking heartbreaking.

I have deeply traumatic memories of the times that those who worshipped the Goddess were killed, tortured, exiled. I was killed in so many lifetimes in a variety of ways, at the hands of patriarchal rule.

Whether that was in the burning of the Goddess Temples in Egypt, where I watched gruesome murders of my Priestess sisters or looked alongside my friends in Europe as we were burnt at the stake. Sometimes I was hung or drowned along sisters in America as “witches”. I died in many lifetimes, representing the Goddess. You likely have, too.

That’s not the part that makes me sad. What brings deep grief is remembering the beautiful lifestyles of the Old World, pre-patriarchy.

The honor and respect of all life, our deep, innate connection to Earth and the reverence for magic, connection, ecstasy and intuition.

  •  I remember life in Lemuria, living communally and experiencing the deepest feeling of unconditional love.
  • I remember honoring and worshipping the Trees as a Druidess and working with nature as the most magickal force of Love.
  • I remember walking along Lapis Lazuli floors as a Priestess in Egypt and cultivating High Magick to support the community. 
  • I remember the organic nature of life as a Shamaness and Seer in the Amazon. (I had the most lifetimes in this role).

The patriarchy has turned all of these beautiful Matriarchal societies into dust. Destroying any proof of existence, and if there is proof, it is laughed off or called “primitive.” 

The Disney movie “Avatar” is the perfect example of this. Patriarchal culture enters a community who works with the natural cycles of life, honoring the Earth & experiencing her deep magick…. to come in, pretend they are friendly and then destroy the land for profit. This is what happened to matrilineal cultures across the globe over the last 4,000 years. If you don’t believe that, think about the precise comparison between this movie and what happened to Native Americans.

Matriarchal societies believed that Earth itself, was alive and breathing. They valued the connection to Life itself as Religion- as something beyond sacred. They honored the natural cycles of life, without exploiting them for personal profit. They linked all of life with the intelligence of the Earth.

Today, we are facing environmental issues that are LITERALLY purely from not honoring the cycles of the Earth through exploitation for profit.

We are facing mental health epidemics that are also a result of a lack of honoring our own cycle, forced into a linear way of operating that is not natural for anyone.

The only place we can start is to DECIDE to honor life as cyclical. That starts with us. How do we operate in our personal lives, honoring our cycles? That’s the only way we can learn to do so with Mother Earth.

If you want to learn how to operate with our cyclical nature, I’ll be leading a powerful teaching on this in the Return to Goddess Masterclass. 

We discussed:

  • matriarchal systems (because we have to go back to those principles to create health within and for the Earth)
  • patriarchal ways of operating (so we know what NOT to do)
  • and the 3 cycles of the feminine that operate in all of our lives, consistently.

We have to know how to recognize and work with these cycles so that we can come back into our natural rhythms.

This Masterclass is important, and that’s why I’m making it free. You can register here.

There was also an Akashic Attunement at the end of the class. These are incredible shamanic journeys that are channeled from higher consciousness (in the Akashic Records). 

If you want to take this deeper and truly dive in FULLY to these cycles, I invite you into the 6 month masterclass, Return to Goddess. It’s a powerful initiation designed for a particular energy signature. You’ll know if it’s for you or not as soon as you look at the page.

Sending you lots of love from my heart to yours.

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to receive my e-mails, you can join my community here. Wishing you abundance, love & all things magical, 

🌹 Aly Wilkins –

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