Memories of the Ancient World…. 

Are you also plagued by memories of the Ancient World? Witnessing the state of our world today when you have hundreds of vivid memories of the Old World’s magick and integrity is fucking heartbreaking. I have deeply traumatic memories of the times that those who worshipped the Goddess were killed, tortured, exiled. I was killed inContinue reading “Memories of the Ancient World…. “

It’s Like There is Something They Want Us to Forget…

I bet you didn’t know this about women in ancient times… (these are documented facts about Egyptian cultures written by Greek theologists) Would you agree that by the way ancient times are spoken about, our culture really sees itself as “above” old cultures? Like we are much more advanced than previous cultures? Sort of how a narcissist talksContinue reading “It’s Like There is Something They Want Us to Forget…”

Trademarks of the Patriarchy

This might be difficult to read. You know “stockholm syndrome” when someone is kidnapped and then they start to feel comfortable with their abductor? That’s pretty similar to our patriarchal culture.  If a psychotherapist were to evaluate our system itself, I’m pretty sure words like “narcissist”, “gaslighting”, “abusive”, “manipulative”, “dangerous” would be commonly used.  If you have only beenContinue reading “Trademarks of the Patriarchy”

The Shift from Patriarchy to Matriarchy

All of us are familiar with the term “Patriarchy” by now… it is usually being blamed for all of the problems we have in society today. Contrary to what Western historians would have you believe, there were thriving civilizations that operated under a matriarchal system for thousands of years. The evidence of these cultures were immediately destroyedContinue reading “The Shift from Patriarchy to Matriarchy”