The Shift from Patriarchy to Matriarchy

All of us are familiar with the term “Patriarchy” by now… it is usually being blamed for all of the problems we have in society today.

Contrary to what Western historians would have you believe, there were thriving civilizations that operated under a matriarchal system for thousands of years. The evidence of these cultures were immediately destroyed and wiped away by colonizers, but today, the patriarchal system still tries to deny their existence (threatened much?).

Unfortunately, most of these cultures who worshipped the Divine Mother shared their knowledge through storytelling and did not believe in documenting or writing down their wisdom, so the lineages literally live within the bloodlines of these cultures. Through colonization efforts (to say it in the nicest way), these stories have been lost for the most part.

Colonizers came into a land, often called “missionaries”, and forced those who lived in the land to completely change their belief systems, cultural traditions and practices and enacted absolute psychological warfare so that they would convert to Catholicism, Christianity or Islam, for the most part. This has been happening for many thousands of years. It is still happening today, perhaps on a more subtle level. 

Today,  the Patriarchy pretends that this form of society does not even exist, and that it is laughable to think anything outside of our current patriarchal structure ever existed. I’m not sure if you’ve experienced a narcissist or gaslighting before, but it feels eerily similar.

The Patriarchal views and values have completely stripped our connection to Mother Earth and conditioned us to believe that we are useless without productivity. That we must be producing or creating something at all times, or we have no value.

The result of this looks like: burnout, anxiety, depression, loneliness, confusion about our purpose and who we are, thinking God is outside of us, need I say more? The NORM of our society today. On a deeper level, it’s resulted in impure power dynamics, greed, exploitation, domination and more along those lines.

The Divine Mother holds quite opposite values that correlate to our relationship to Life itself:

  • a deep value of our quality of life
  • connecting the Divine into everything we do, from our “work”, our sex, our service, our medicine, our language, etc
  • understanding the inseparable connection between ourselves and the Earth 
  • seeing God / Goddess as within us already, so needing nothing to long for outside of ourselves, as we are already whole and complete

Do you feel the difference? I mean, you could be crying right now reading this. We are experiencing so little of the Divine Mother in our culture, as is. So, how do we bring the Divine Mother back into our societal constructs? How do we create a Matriarchal society again? 

I am offering a powerful masterclass called Return to Goddess to teach about how this shift happened – to reclaim our power, we must understand HOW it was taken in the first place.

It’s time to Return to the Goddess. We must activate the Divine Feminine first, within, which will then form a natural outward expression. You can get access to this class here. It will offer you incredible information over a 2 hour teaching, that also includes a 30 minute Akashic Records activation! This class received raving reviews:

  • “An activating and eye opening 2 hours of coming back to the Feminine.”
  • “This was mindblowing. I got full body goosebumps countless times.”
  • “Vitally important to understand for healing our world and ourselves.”

Forget the “sweet, seductive, Mother” archetypes that the Patriarchy has shown us are the only versions of the Feminine (for its own benefit)… this will allow you to be held in love, activation and nourishment as you unravel into the deep Initiation of the Goddess.

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