Insecurity is an Addiction

I was meditating the other day and this phrase came through : “INSECURITY IS AN ADDICTION.”

How true is that?? Just like an addiction, insecurity puts you into a negative spiral that affects you mentally, emotionally, physically…. it affects how you SEE yourself, which is literally your attraction power.

I made a whole video describing what came through more deeply if you’d like to check it out, you can watch it here.

Insecurity comes in many forms – negative self talk, self-harm, judgment, comparison, jealousy…  these are the shadow sides of beauty, which we will have an entire module about in Infinite Beauty to help you completely obliterate. We have to remember that these are all fields of frequency and we can train ourselves to attune to higher frequencies (LOL – the Universe confirms… there was just a huge bolt of lightning in front of me).

It’s time we are DONE with programming around our self-esteem – it is just a complete waste of our time and DELUSIONAL, if I say so myself.

We get to experience our Divinity and treat ourselves like the gorgeous Queens that we are. How DARE we diminish that because Uncle Sam said we need to be a size XX or weigh a certain amount? Boy, BYE! It’s time to own our magnificence and allow that attraction power to fuel our life and magnetic force.

Infinite Beauty is a fuller experience than ever before, supporting you in eradicating your negative behaviors and beliefs towards your body image and self-esteem. We do this by attuning you to a frequency much higher – that of your Divine Self. This helps to dissolve away all of the programming and conditioning and shines a light on these areas so that you can completely shift them. 

This experience now includes: 

🌹 28-day ceremony practice to attune you to a much deeper essence of beauty 

🌹 5 teachings to support the re-programming of your own stories around body image and beauty 

🌹 3 group call replays from last year’s session 

🌹a powerful Akashic Attunement

🌹meditations & more 

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🌹 Aly Wilkins –

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