Trademarks of the Patriarchy

This might be difficult to read. You know “stockholm syndrome” when someone is kidnapped and then they start to feel comfortable with their abductor?

That’s pretty similar to our patriarchal culture.  If a psychotherapist were to evaluate our system itself, I’m pretty sure words like “narcissist”, “gaslighting”, “abusive”, “manipulative”, “dangerous” would be commonly used. 

If you have only been in abusive relationships, you wouldn’t even know what a healthy relationship is like. That’s where we are at. 

The only thing we have for proof of another way of life is our past life memories and the hard work of some deeply dedicated individuals who have spent their lives studying these cultures, diving through history of the Church’s takeover. 

Matriarchal cultures were far more advanced than we’ve been led to believe. Like an abuser would do, these cultures were name called as “primitive”, “uncivilized”, “satanic”. They infused Spirit into everything that they did. There was rarely war. No hierarchy.

They were experts in astrology and working with the stars, working with plant medicines for healing and transcendent experience, in natural conception, in agriculture. Bloodlines and inheritance passed down through the female. Life was much more communal and no one was “property” of another (even children). All were seen as sovereign, beautiful children of the Goddess.

Full libraries were burned of their knowledge of the stars, working with the land, of spiritual wisdom at the time of the Patriarchy’s full acquisition of power. You only burn books if you’re afraid of what people will learn from them. They were seen as an enemy to be acquired and dissolved. If they would not conform and move into a literal slave system (where most became peasants), they would be killed. 

They were living in harmony with the Earth, respecting her and being fully nourished and supported for tens of thousands of years in living in such a way. They were NOT AVAILABLE for exploitation of the Earth. Matriarchies would have seen over-farming as an act of hostility towards the Goddess (they literally called it “r*ping the Earth”), as the Goddess was Earth itself (and self).  They had this same relationship with Self (something we can deeply learn from, as well).

What was extra-triggering to the patriarchy was that matriarchal societies were ONE with God (the Goddess, to be more particular) – they had direct connection with her. You can’t control someone who experiences God within. This was the opposite of what the Church taught… that the Sky Father lived in a completely different place and could only be reached through the medium of a Priest, who (unlike the Goddess) could not offer any direct healing, only words or passages.

Naturally, they had to be taken out, in the name of profits and power. 

The patriarchy introduced extreme exploitation of everything that would create profits. This is why humans today have been trained to be effective, productive little machines that can produce the most profits as possible. We are just seen as cogs in the system, to continue mass production and creation, at whatever cost is necessary. We should minimize our “humanness” as much as possible and aim to be more like a robot (as they are now our competition for jobs).   

We’ve been so deeply programmed and manipulated, we truly don’t even know what living life is. We’ve been in prison for 4,000 years. 

There is so much I want to share with you about this topic. Learning the truth is incredibly important.

I will start sharing this via the “Return to Goddess”  Masterclass where we will be discussing some basics of the shift from matriarchy to patriarchy, but mostly focusing on how we move back towards a healthy culture by working with our cyclical nature. We will end with a powerful Akashic Records Activation. This offers years of my own study in a 2 hour class for you!

I hope you enjoy! Get access to the Return to Goddess Masterclass here.

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