It’s Like There is Something They Want Us to Forget…

I bet you didn’t know this about women in ancient times… (these are documented facts about Egyptian cultures written by Greek theologists)

  • inheritances were passed through the woman’s bloodline
  • property, land and belongings were designated to women
  • a woman’s husband or lover lived with the woman and her family, taking her name 

Would you agree that by the way ancient times are spoken about, our culture really sees itself as “above” old cultures? Like we are much more advanced than previous cultures? Sort of how a narcissist talks poorly about someone to make themselves appear higher than….

Words like “primitive”, “underdeveloped”, “uncivilized’, “savages”, etc are used to diminish these cultures as they were not focused on profit as our system is. They also honored and revered women (and Nature).

Our culture today exploits humans, animals and the Earth, so it would be pretty dangerous for us to actually learn about how advanced these older civilizations (pre-patriarchy) were.

Today, most of us are completely reliant on the system and would not have a clue how to survive outside of it. Our attention spans are TEENSY. We are addicted to the external to find safety, love, security, joy…. would you call that more advanced? 

Women have been emptied of knowing our actual history. Why do you think that is?? The Patriarchy  (the Catholic Church) taught us from about 2000BC onwards that women were nothing except vessels for a child to be birthed through – otherwise, worthless (there are so many biblical scriptures that flat out say this). They stripped us of all power – we had no rights, no property, no respect, no safety, no control over our bodies.  (Learn more about this in the masterclass). 

We’ve been taught that the only truth is a male-dominated power system and that’s all that there has ever been.

The truth? WOMEN were the originators of all human culture and civilization. So why do we learn about cavemen and only hear about the hunters? What about the gatherers who provided 85% of nourishment for their tribes, or raised the children in the tribe, or invented cooking and hundreds of other skill sets. They also say that women were the originators of fire.

Do you see that so much has been hidden from us? What would happen if we took that power back and returned to the natural cycles of life?

The conditioning is DEEP, I mean this programming (psychological manipulation) goes back 5,000+ years. That’s why I’ve been speaking on it so much lately. I’ve created a few ways for you to learn more about this (the first two for free)….

 1) a whole playlist of videos based on this concept on my YouTube Channel – you can watch here.

2) If you’d like to see the FULL material, I invite you to watch the Return to Goddess masterclass, which is currently being offered for free. This is going to touch you deeply and will likely piss you off. But, I think it’s always better to know the Truth rather than continue to walk around with a blindfold on, pretending you can see. You can access the masterclass replay here.

3) If you’re ready to be Initiated by the Goddess herself, learn to swim comfortably through the 6 cycles of the Feminine, and create a life based on your soul’s guidance completely (with no systematic “shoulds”)… I invite you into the INITIATION Mastermind – visit the website and you can get on the waiting list if you’d like to be kept updated about the next mastermind!

This is a powerful space where you will be activated for your Soul Mission, but also, become a steward of the Goddess Consciousness. This is a potent space that is going to offer you deep shamanic journeying, 1:1 support, sisterhood and mentorship.

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to receive my e-mails, you can join my community here. Wishing you abundance, love & all things magical, 

🌹 Aly Wilkins –

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