Facing the Toxic Feminine

True leadership is taking responsibility for your part and recognizing and healing your wounded parts of self. This starts with understanding what Feminine Energy really is and allowing yourself to see the ways in which you’ve been conditioned away from this energy. It also REALLY helps to study and understand the history of the extreme demonization of the Feminine that started all of this, thousands of years ago.

It’s natural that we have forgotten the Powerful Feminine (Goddess), when extreme manipulation and fear tactics were used for thousands of years to program us. I mean, the MOST OBVIOUS, if there is a father and son, where tf is the mother and daughter?

Think about the programming that still exists today from thousands of years ago…

  • “you are born a sinner and must repent for your natural, primal ways”
  • “sex is dirty and so is money…. ignore it and don’t talk about it. Hide your urges – they are shameful.”
  • “be good” (because you naturally are not good).
  •  “intuition that comes from within is demonic… only Priests can deliver God’s word.” 
  • “hide your body from men, it is too tempting”

We may not be flat out TOLD these things, but they definitely still live and breathe in our ancestral lines, particularly if you have a family of strong religious backgrounds.  The strongest skills of the Feminine lie within her intuition and her sexual energy (literal creation). When these are suppressed, we start to become a deformed version of our true, powerful selves.

Instead of saying #FUCKTHEPATRIARCHY…. all we have to do is bring the Goddess Consciousness back into society.

To do so, we must learn where we are operating from a wounded nature.   

So, let’s see which forms of the Toxic Feminine are still living with in you
. Here are a few of the most common traits of the wounded feminine that show up far more often than we’re aware of:

  • using manipulation as a means of safety (this will usually be highly subtle). Think… “if I do this, he’ll do that”. This is done on a daily basis, in many cases. It’s just about finding the subtle moments, becoming aware of them, and choosing differently. 
  • trying to control or force situations…. when we are coming from a healed state, the feminine is simply a force of RECEIVING. She allows and trusts. She doesn’t need to control. (Note that we all have masculine energy too, so I’m not saying to just lay on the couch and start receiving 24/7, this is just a part of us that becomes more trusting and surrendered. However, our own masculine energy will still take inspired action when led). 
  • sexual manipulation to try to gain something… this could be sexual acts, flirting to get what you want, showing your body in a certain way to receive attention. It’s not about the sexual piece being “wrong”… it’s about the impurity of it not being purely from love, but, instead, with an agenda attached to it. 
  • belittling the masculine, being over-critical of him, etc… this one is very, very, very common particularly among women who hold a strong masculine energy or have been raised in families where the “women wore the pants.” We can, instead, learn to call the masculine forward, instead of trying to create change through criticism or judgment.  If this one pings you, I highly recommend reading Alison Armstrong’s books, particularly Keys to the Kingdom and Queen’s Code.  I have learned SO MUCH from her books that have completely changed how I interact with men and have shown me just how much I have come from a wounded feminine energy in this area in my life.
  • submissiveness, meekness, hiding energy : this came directly from the Catholic Church’s programming circa 1500 BC. That’s all I’ll say about that. Watch the Return to Goddess masterclass if you want to know more. 
  • repressing or ignoring our intuition (labeling it as crazy or demonic): samesies as what I said above. This was taught… and it results in removing one of our greatest forms of Feminine power. 

There’s so much more, but I think that gives you a good chunk to munch on and gain awareness on within yourself.  A few ways you can deep into this information through my work : 

  1. I have several free videos available on my YouTube channel discussing the ancient feminine & the painful shift into patriarchy
  2. Watch the masterclass “Return to Goddess”
  3. Join the Initiation Mastermind, – get on the waiting list for the next round!
    The INITIATION Mastermind is a portal of activating your Goddess Consciousness. That simply means that you will be brought into an energetic container in the quantum field which reorganizes your life and your Self to operate from a deeper level of sovereignty and truth, according to your Soul Signature.  This is a deep activation and if it’s for you, you’ll be called to it. It includes:
  • bi-weekly group calls with an Akashic Activation channeled based on what’s needed that week
  • 24/7 Voxer group chat for additional support
  • 3 personal 1:1 sessions with me 
  • energetic upgrades each month attuning you into a new cycle of the Feminine

Remember your magic! 

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