About Aly

Hi, I’m Aly! I’m an energy healer, author, spiritual mentor & retreat facilitator.

I came here on mission…. to help bring the Divine Mother back into our experience of life… aka bringing the sacred back into our daily experience of life… and organizing our life in a way that everything we do has purpose, intention & joy to it.

I am a Priestess of the Rose Lineage – of Mary Magdalene, Isis & Hathor – here to bring the SACRED back into our experience of life.

A bit about my background…

I became “successful” at a young age, with a fancy corporate job that looked incredible on paper, but soon found myself 24 years old and incredibly unhappy and unfulfilled.

I became incredibly depressed as I looked around and saw my bleak future…. living this robotic life that would exist until retirement and hearing others tell me that “this is what adulthood was.”

I rejected that and took an unconventional path, completely led by Spirit, that led me into entrepreneurship and personal development, which led me into deep self-discovery, spirituality and *my favorite*…. discovering the ancient mysteries which allowed me to remember who I truly was.

After my “quarter life crisis”, I decided I was not going to live a life that was unfulfilling and I devoted myself to finding out just how I could live a life on my terms… a life by my design.

I’ve been able to travel the world, live in multiple states and see my wildest manifestations come to fruition before my eyes (that I previously never would have thought to be possible).

Since 2020, I’ve transformed so much and have become even more devoted to my true path and feel so blessed that I get to support my clients and soul family with this as well.

If you follow me on Insta, you’ll know a few very important things….

My favorite things are Crystals, Bali, Jaguars, Roses, My Planties & Beyonce.

After these… I am truly just obsessed with remembering the ancient truths and wisdoms of our planet. Most of my time is either spent soaking up the sun, traveling, studying ancient wisdom or sitting in devotion with the Goddess!

I look forward to all of the continuous evolutions I’ll go through in this life time… and helping you move gracefully through your own deep transformations as well.

I’d Love to Connect With You!

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