The Shift from Patriarchy to Matriarchy

All of us are familiar with the term “Patriarchy” by now… it is usually being blamed for all of the problems we have in society today.

Contrary to what Western historians would have you believe, there were thriving civilizations that operated under a matriarchal system for thousands of years. The evidence of these cultures were immediately destroyed and wiped away by colonizers, but today, the patriarchal system still tries to deny their existence (threatened much?).

Unfortunately, most of these cultures who worshipped the Divine Mother shared their knowledge through storytelling and did not believe in documenting or writing down their wisdom, so the lineages literally live within the bloodlines of these cultures. Through colonization efforts (to say it in the nicest way), these stories have been lost for the most part.

Colonizers came into a land, often called “missionaries”, and forced those who lived in the land to completely change their belief systems, cultural traditions and practices and enacted absolute psychological warfare so that they would convert to Catholicism, Christianity or Islam, for the most part. This has been happening for many thousands of years. It is still happening today, perhaps on a more subtle level. 

Today,  the Patriarchy pretends that this form of society does not even exist, and that it is laughable to think anything outside of our current patriarchal structure ever existed. I’m not sure if you’ve experienced a narcissist or gaslighting before, but it feels eerily similar.

The Patriarchal views and values have completely stripped our connection to Mother Earth and conditioned us to believe that we are useless without productivity. That we must be producing or creating something at all times, or we have no value.

The result of this looks like: burnout, anxiety, depression, loneliness, confusion about our purpose and who we are, thinking God is outside of us, need I say more? The NORM of our society today. On a deeper level, it’s resulted in impure power dynamics, greed, exploitation, domination and more along those lines.

The Divine Mother holds quite opposite values that correlate to our relationship to Life itself:

  • a deep value of our quality of life
  • connecting the Divine into everything we do, from our “work”, our sex, our service, our medicine, our language, etc
  • understanding the inseparable connection between ourselves and the Earth 
  • seeing God / Goddess as within us already, so needing nothing to long for outside of ourselves, as we are already whole and complete

Do you feel the difference? I mean, you could be crying right now reading this. We are experiencing so little of the Divine Mother in our culture, as is. So, how do we bring the Divine Mother back into our societal constructs? How do we create a Matriarchal society again? 

I am offering a powerful masterclass called Return to Goddess to teach about how this shift happened – to reclaim our power, we must understand HOW it was taken in the first place.

It’s time to Return to the Goddess. We must activate the Divine Feminine first, within, which will then form a natural outward expression. You can get access to this class here. It will offer you incredible information over a 2 hour teaching, that also includes a 30 minute Akashic Records activation! This class received raving reviews:

  • “An activating and eye opening 2 hours of coming back to the Feminine.”
  • “This was mindblowing. I got full body goosebumps countless times.”
  • “Vitally important to understand for healing our world and ourselves.”

Forget the “sweet, seductive, Mother” archetypes that the Patriarchy has shown us are the only versions of the Feminine (for its own benefit)… this will allow you to be held in love, activation and nourishment as you unravel into the deep Initiation of the Goddess.

Insecurity is an Addiction

I was meditating the other day and this phrase came through : “INSECURITY IS AN ADDICTION.”

How true is that?? Just like an addiction, insecurity puts you into a negative spiral that affects you mentally, emotionally, physically…. it affects how you SEE yourself, which is literally your attraction power.

I made a whole video describing what came through more deeply if you’d like to check it out, you can watch it here.

Insecurity comes in many forms – negative self talk, self-harm, judgment, comparison, jealousy…  these are the shadow sides of beauty, which we will have an entire module about in Infinite Beauty to help you completely obliterate. We have to remember that these are all fields of frequency and we can train ourselves to attune to higher frequencies (LOL – the Universe confirms… there was just a huge bolt of lightning in front of me).

It’s time we are DONE with programming around our self-esteem – it is just a complete waste of our time and DELUSIONAL, if I say so myself.

We get to experience our Divinity and treat ourselves like the gorgeous Queens that we are. How DARE we diminish that because Uncle Sam said we need to be a size XX or weigh a certain amount? Boy, BYE! It’s time to own our magnificence and allow that attraction power to fuel our life and magnetic force.

Infinite Beauty is a fuller experience than ever before, supporting you in eradicating your negative behaviors and beliefs towards your body image and self-esteem. We do this by attuning you to a frequency much higher – that of your Divine Self. This helps to dissolve away all of the programming and conditioning and shines a light on these areas so that you can completely shift them. 

This experience now includes: 

🌹 28-day ceremony practice to attune you to a much deeper essence of beauty 

🌹 5 teachings to support the re-programming of your own stories around body image and beauty 

🌹 3 group call replays from last year’s session 

🌹a powerful Akashic Attunement

🌹meditations & more 

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🌹 Aly Wilkins –

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The Eyes of the Tantrika 👁️

Hi Gorgeous,

As women, we are motivated by perfection. That makes us biologically tune into alllllll the reasons we aren’t good enough, already, without the help of the media, Instagram, magazine covers, the horrible fitting room lighting…

One of the things that has helped me completely reject and tune out of that experience of life is becoming a student of Tantra.  In the most basic form, Tantra could be described as a return back into oneness. My experience as I’ve practiced Tantra has included a feeling of incredible ecstasy (beyond what is experienced in even the best sex) and a deepening of my experience of what Divinity actually means, through a tangible feeling in my body.

It shifted me on a cellular level – allowing a new experience of life to be implemented and embodied throughout my being…

🌞 eradicating thoughts of being “less than”, “not enough”, or the insane idea that “something is wrong with me.”
🌞 Seeing myself through God’s eyes.
🌞 Seeing the World through a completely new lens. 

Living with the eyes of the Tantrika allows you to see the absolute Divinity within yourself… to see, feel and know your innate wholeness, exquisite depth and absolutely delicious nature. You can feel the texture of this, embodied throughout each and every cell.

It is delicious, orgasmic, buzzing with high frequency…This feels quite different than the energy we typically experience in life towards our bodies, does it not?

What would it be like if you looked at yourself in the mirror with that energy? What would that do to your magnetism? Your radiance? Your manifesting power? But mostly… your experience of life?

Infinite Beauty is an introduction into this type of embodiment. The ceremony itself helps you start to taste this experience and gives you the opportunity to choose it on a daily basis. As you move through the ceremony, you’ll begin to tap into this frequency more and more and can begin to channel it in your life.

Infinite Beauty includes: 
 🌹 28-day ceremony practice to attune you to a much deeper essence of beauty 
 🌹 4 modules to support the re-programming of your own stories around body image and beauty 
 🌹 3 group call replays from last year’s session 
 🌹 meditations & more 

To your beauty and FULL FLEDGED ECSTASY! 

10 Affirmations to Attract Wealth & Rich Abundance

Shifting our relationship to wealth, prosperity, abundance – and straight up, how money comes to us, – usually requires deep subconscious beliefs changing.

I invite you to work with the affirmations below on a daily basis. Write them down and read them aloud to allow them to anchor throughout your crown, third eye and throat chakra.   *sound of a bell ringing*

△ I allow riches to flow to me.
△ I allow wealth beyond my wildest dreams into my life.
△ I allow money to WOW me.
△ I allow money, wealth & prosperity to get comfortable in my life.
△ I allow debts in my name to dissolve.
△ I allow money to support me on an even deeper level.
△ I allow wealth and prosperity to support my work as a lightworker.
△ I allow riches to surround me.
△ I allow money to provide me with my deepest desires.
△ I allow the floodgates of wealth to open and the Divine Gold energy of money to pour into my accounts, my wallet & my life.

How did it feel to read those? Please read them again and speak them aloud.

I share tips like this and much more in my book Sacred Wealth, if you want more!

I hope these affirmations support you! You can brush affirmations off like they are not a big deal, but they hold a lot of power when you fully allow them to soak into your cells and be absorbed into your being. Using affirmations in my daily practice has supercharged my own growth, experience of life and deep understanding and acceptance of who I am and why I’m here. 

Wishing you a day that’s RICH AF! 

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🌹 Aly Wilkins –

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Pharaohs would be smiting some mother f’ers right now – Quantum Physics, Creation & Divine Leadership

Get ready for this read, because I’m ON ONE!! I’m so fed up with the authorities who are leading us into complete disempowerment, continuing to teach us that we have no power and must give our remaining power to hierarchy, fear, coercion…

HONEY, THAT AGE IS DONE!! Time’s are changing and it’s up to us to completely reclaim our sovereignty as individuals.

They’ve taught us that we have to seek and reach externally to bring power to us…. but it’s the exact opposite.

Our leaders have taught us poverty consciousness –  our educational system, entertainment and all forms of programming have taught us not to experience the immense wealth that we have, but to continue seeking more, more, more. This keeps us trapped, looping in the same cycles over and over, never finding what we truly desire (which is right under our nose).

Get this… our media perpetuates judging the rich and those with power, literally, so that as good people with good hearts, we will want nothing to do with either. What’s the result of that?

MONEY STAYS IN THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO DON’T CARE ABOUT HUMANITY…. and those who *would* create conscious change, don’t have the means or resources to do so. We stay stuck in survival mode or thriving mode, but don’t make it to “enterprise” mode, where we can actually create quick, fast change. The big companies, who purely value profit, stay in charge and continue to desecrate the Earth for a quick buck.   

Of course, we can all create change with our energy, vibration, time, etc. But having more money makes your mission go further. It’s a fact of living in a system that uses money as exchange.

WE NEED LIGHTWORKERS WITH MONEY. Notice if you reject that, or something comes up for you…. & look at it. Remember, we want conscious people to be wealthy, so that we have the resources to change the world!! If you have an issue with this statement, it is coming from the programming and conditioning we’ve experienced in Western society to keep us out of your power and frankly, it’s what’s keeping you out of the wealth you desire. #StraightUp

Imagine if all of our biggest companies on the planet were actually creating products and services with reverence to Mother Earth. If the chief intention of all companies was to provide value and act in accordance for the Highest Good of All. That’s the age we’re moving into…. but it’s not going to happen overnight. It requires people like you to step more fully into your creator consciousness and creative power.  

We have to take our power back and consciously operate as powerful beings of light in a 3D, dense ass system. We must  learn to work with and operate under Universal Law so that we can be IN this world, but not of it…. and eventually, change it completely. 

Here’s how I can help you with this:  

* Read Sacred Wealth – it literally shows you, step by step, where you’re still operating out of poverty consciousness and how to attune to wealth consciousness. I wrote this book completely with the intention of offering something powerful that could reach everyone. I easily could have sold this as a course for $2K. Get the book. It’s $22 on Amazon.

Get a copy for your friends and family for birthday or holiday gifts. Imagine the effect it could have on them and their life. Do they need another fancy set of lotions or candles?

* Join Divinely Funded , the Wealth Mystery School.

*Watch one of the many videos on my YouTube channel related to Sacred Wealth!

The world changes when lightworkers have the money to fund their missions. You want a New Earth? Start taking responsibility for it and stop allowing those who don’t care about Mama Earth, animals, humans, etc to continue making products and operating in a way that’s out of integrity.You are just as powerful as they are…. actually, I would argue that you hold even more power, because you have the energy of “The Highest Good” behind you…. which is basically having all of the Spirits & Angels on your side, working for you behind the scenes.  

If you’d like deeper support, you can book an Akashic Record Reading .

I wish you all of the best to create your deepest, abundant visions of your soul. It’s up to you to create it. All you have to understand is wealth consciousness and how the quantum field works. It’s quite simple. They’ve pretended it’s complicated to keep you away from it. Don’t believe it! Sacred Wealth will deeply support you in this consciousness shift. 

Please forward this message to anyone you think it will inspire.

Many blessings to you, this holiday season! 

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🌹 Aly Wilkins –

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Supercharge Your Manifesting Power

 Hi beautiful soul!

Today, I want to share a POWERFUL manifesting tip with you…

When you bring your desires to the Universe with the intention of serving *MANY* …. there will be a higher power sourcing that manifestation. It’s like all of the cosmos join forces to help you create your desire. Because it’s not just for YOUR Highest Good…. it’s for the benefit of all.

Here’s how you do that: heighten up the energy around your manifestation and how many people it will support. You’ll know you’re doing it right when you will barely even care about what you get out of this manifestation. The effect on others is so huge, that your little desire now seems puny! The true mission is service to others. 

THAT is when the Higher Realms will move mountains to bring this desire into physical form.  The desire develops a supercharged energy because it is beneficial to so many people and the intention is pure! 

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🌹 Aly Wilkins –

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A Message from Sekhmet & the White Lions of Timbavati ☥

Hi my loves,

Sekhmet is calling forth the White Lions…. she came to me this morning with a message to share with you at 5:55 pm EST ( the time of deep change in numerology). 

A quick intro on Sekhmet: Sekhmet is the Egyptian Goddess of War, Plagues & Destruction – you’ll recognize her quickly as she has the head of a lioness (see her beautiful depiction below)! She made a powerful return in January 2020 as the world was taken over by the pandemic, which likely, on a larger level, was created by her to ignite major change worldwide. Her vibe is similar to Kali, as they are both Destructor Goddesses, but I feel that Sekhmet specializes with working with civilization as a whole.  She will come into your personal life in relation to how you affect the planet. She is not graceful – she destroys everything in sight until she can be appeased.

Many people really only speak on this harsh side of Sekhmet, but in my personal work with her, I actually find her to be incredibly soothing and healingIf you don’t LISTEN to her or pay attention, you’ll receive the bloodthirsty, wrathful side. But, when you follow her guidance, she treats you like a mother would. She nourishes your wounds and encourages you to step into your Highest Self possible, reminding you of all that you are.

So, she’s super brutal – but will match that with massive healing energy to repair you and help you grow into your amplified Self.

This morning, when I was at my altar, she came in HOT declaring that had a message that *must* be released. Here it is:

” I’ve been moving through your modern day systems and breaking down all creations that don’t come from integrity… which is almost all of them. How have you been existing in this reality? Where is the reverence for life and creation?  Where is the honor of Mother Earth, Ra, Hathor…?!” *ROARS in anger*

It’s time for the White Lions to awaken… as the breed dwindles in physical creation, they (the Gods) etherically pass the torch onto you. It’s up to YOU to “normalize” (she cackles at this word) integrity – bringing LOVE & the right relationship of Spirit into all systems of the world again.

Let my rage flow through you, for how you have been deceived is unforgivable. Allow my fire to fuel your desire & passion to burn beyond your doubt and limitation. The world doesn’t know nobility or integrity in leadership. You are the one to showcase this….

You heard her! It’s time to step in. Sekhmet is the fourth pillar Goddess in Divinely Funded, anchoring in the FIRE behind our missions and contribution in the world. Allowing this force to be 1000x stronger than our doubt in ability to lead, limitations or anything else that comes up for you as to why you aren’t the one to lead…

Step 1: Wipe out the shadows that the system has created around Money, Power & Influence that limit your ability to thrive. 
Step 2: Embody the Divine Leader that you are, who holds a complete understanding of your ability to create new worlds and massive change (fully believing this with every cell in your body).
Step 3: Get to work & change the world.

Free Videos to Amp You Up on Your Soul Mission & Ability to be the Architect of Your Reality: 

The White Lions of Timbavati that Sekhmet is referring to are sacred animal that continues to return to our lands…and then go extinct. It is said that these beings are of the highest vibration of all of the animal kingdom – true messengers of God. Sun Shamans who come to bring a message of awakening consciousness… but in this case, they come with a warning. White Lions are almost completely extinct today. They only exist in captivity (thanks to wildlife hunters) and the fact that they only return to Earth in small numbers to begin with. If you’d like to learn more about the White Lion, I highly suggest Linda Tucker’s book, Mystery of the White Lions : Children of the Sun God

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🌹 Aly Wilkins –

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