A Message from Sekhmet & the White Lions of Timbavati ☥

Hi my loves,

Sekhmet is calling forth the White Lions…. she came to me this morning with a message to share with you at 5:55 pm EST ( the time of deep change in numerology). 

A quick intro on Sekhmet: Sekhmet is the Egyptian Goddess of War, Plagues & Destruction – you’ll recognize her quickly as she has the head of a lioness (see her beautiful depiction below)! She made a powerful return in January 2020 as the world was taken over by the pandemic, which likely, on a larger level, was created by her to ignite major change worldwide. Her vibe is similar to Kali, as they are both Destructor Goddesses, but I feel that Sekhmet specializes with working with civilization as a whole.  She will come into your personal life in relation to how you affect the planet. She is not graceful – she destroys everything in sight until she can be appeased.

Many people really only speak on this harsh side of Sekhmet, but in my personal work with her, I actually find her to be incredibly soothing and healingIf you don’t LISTEN to her or pay attention, you’ll receive the bloodthirsty, wrathful side. But, when you follow her guidance, she treats you like a mother would. She nourishes your wounds and encourages you to step into your Highest Self possible, reminding you of all that you are.

So, she’s super brutal – but will match that with massive healing energy to repair you and help you grow into your amplified Self.

This morning, when I was at my altar, she came in HOT declaring that had a message that *must* be released. Here it is:

” I’ve been moving through your modern day systems and breaking down all creations that don’t come from integrity… which is almost all of them. How have you been existing in this reality? Where is the reverence for life and creation?  Where is the honor of Mother Earth, Ra, Hathor…?!” *ROARS in anger*

It’s time for the White Lions to awaken… as the breed dwindles in physical creation, they (the Gods) etherically pass the torch onto you. It’s up to YOU to “normalize” (she cackles at this word) integrity – bringing LOVE & the right relationship of Spirit into all systems of the world again.

Let my rage flow through you, for how you have been deceived is unforgivable. Allow my fire to fuel your desire & passion to burn beyond your doubt and limitation. The world doesn’t know nobility or integrity in leadership. You are the one to showcase this….

You heard her! It’s time to step in. Sekhmet is the fourth pillar Goddess in Divinely Funded, anchoring in the FIRE behind our missions and contribution in the world. Allowing this force to be 1000x stronger than our doubt in ability to lead, limitations or anything else that comes up for you as to why you aren’t the one to lead…

Step 1: Wipe out the shadows that the system has created around Money, Power & Influence that limit your ability to thrive. 
Step 2: Embody the Divine Leader that you are, who holds a complete understanding of your ability to create new worlds and massive change (fully believing this with every cell in your body).
Step 3: Get to work & change the world.

Free Videos to Amp You Up on Your Soul Mission & Ability to be the Architect of Your Reality: 

The White Lions of Timbavati that Sekhmet is referring to are sacred animal that continues to return to our lands…and then go extinct. It is said that these beings are of the highest vibration of all of the animal kingdom – true messengers of God. Sun Shamans who come to bring a message of awakening consciousness… but in this case, they come with a warning. White Lions are almost completely extinct today. They only exist in captivity (thanks to wildlife hunters) and the fact that they only return to Earth in small numbers to begin with. If you’d like to learn more about the White Lion, I highly suggest Linda Tucker’s book, Mystery of the White Lions : Children of the Sun God

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🌹 Aly Wilkins – alywilkinsabundance@gmail.com

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