Pharaohs would be smiting some mother f’ers right now – Quantum Physics, Creation & Divine Leadership

Get ready for this read, because I’m ON ONE!! I’m so fed up with the authorities who are leading us into complete disempowerment, continuing to teach us that we have no power and must give our remaining power to hierarchy, fear, coercion…

HONEY, THAT AGE IS DONE!! Time’s are changing and it’s up to us to completely reclaim our sovereignty as individuals.

They’ve taught us that we have to seek and reach externally to bring power to us…. but it’s the exact opposite.

Our leaders have taught us poverty consciousness –  our educational system, entertainment and all forms of programming have taught us not to experience the immense wealth that we have, but to continue seeking more, more, more. This keeps us trapped, looping in the same cycles over and over, never finding what we truly desire (which is right under our nose).

Get this… our media perpetuates judging the rich and those with power, literally, so that as good people with good hearts, we will want nothing to do with either. What’s the result of that?

MONEY STAYS IN THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO DON’T CARE ABOUT HUMANITY…. and those who *would* create conscious change, don’t have the means or resources to do so. We stay stuck in survival mode or thriving mode, but don’t make it to “enterprise” mode, where we can actually create quick, fast change. The big companies, who purely value profit, stay in charge and continue to desecrate the Earth for a quick buck.   

Of course, we can all create change with our energy, vibration, time, etc. But having more money makes your mission go further. It’s a fact of living in a system that uses money as exchange.

WE NEED LIGHTWORKERS WITH MONEY. Notice if you reject that, or something comes up for you…. & look at it. Remember, we want conscious people to be wealthy, so that we have the resources to change the world!! If you have an issue with this statement, it is coming from the programming and conditioning we’ve experienced in Western society to keep us out of your power and frankly, it’s what’s keeping you out of the wealth you desire. #StraightUp

Imagine if all of our biggest companies on the planet were actually creating products and services with reverence to Mother Earth. If the chief intention of all companies was to provide value and act in accordance for the Highest Good of All. That’s the age we’re moving into…. but it’s not going to happen overnight. It requires people like you to step more fully into your creator consciousness and creative power.  

We have to take our power back and consciously operate as powerful beings of light in a 3D, dense ass system. We must  learn to work with and operate under Universal Law so that we can be IN this world, but not of it…. and eventually, change it completely. 

Here’s how I can help you with this:  

* Read Sacred Wealth – it literally shows you, step by step, where you’re still operating out of poverty consciousness and how to attune to wealth consciousness. I wrote this book completely with the intention of offering something powerful that could reach everyone. I easily could have sold this as a course for $2K. Get the book. It’s $22 on Amazon.

Get a copy for your friends and family for birthday or holiday gifts. Imagine the effect it could have on them and their life. Do they need another fancy set of lotions or candles?

* Join Divinely Funded , the Wealth Mystery School.

*Watch one of the many videos on my YouTube channel related to Sacred Wealth!

The world changes when lightworkers have the money to fund their missions. You want a New Earth? Start taking responsibility for it and stop allowing those who don’t care about Mama Earth, animals, humans, etc to continue making products and operating in a way that’s out of integrity.You are just as powerful as they are…. actually, I would argue that you hold even more power, because you have the energy of “The Highest Good” behind you…. which is basically having all of the Spirits & Angels on your side, working for you behind the scenes.  

If you’d like deeper support, you can book an Akashic Record Reading .

I wish you all of the best to create your deepest, abundant visions of your soul. It’s up to you to create it. All you have to understand is wealth consciousness and how the quantum field works. It’s quite simple. They’ve pretended it’s complicated to keep you away from it. Don’t believe it! Sacred Wealth will deeply support you in this consciousness shift. 

Please forward this message to anyone you think it will inspire.

Many blessings to you, this holiday season! 

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to receive my e-mails, you can join my community here. Wishing you abundance, love & all things magical, 

🌹 Aly Wilkins –

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