Work With Me

I am an Oracle & a Seer…. all I see in you is your GREATEST Potential.

When you work with me, I won’t believe your stories & limitations… I will help you come into congruence with your HIGHEST version of your self so that you can create your life ecstatically from that place.

Akashic Record Healing Session

Receive guidance and information from the Akashic Realms and your Cosmic Support Team, channeled through Aly for 75 minutes.

Intuitive Coaching Session

60 min session with Aly utilizing oracle cards, tarot cards and Aly’s intuitive gifts as well as coaching support to help you on your path.

Mentorship with Aly

Join Aly for 3 months of coaching in the Ecstatic Expansion mentorship container.

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Jane Doe

Aly Wilkins Sacred Wealth Tantric Oracle

I help you activate your Radiance, Magnetism, Expansion & Fulfillment!