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I am an Oracle & a Seer…. all I see in you is your GREATEST Potential.

I see the parts of you that you haven’t seen for a long time, or maybe ever. When you work with me, I won’t believe your stories & limitations… I will help you come into congruence with your HIGHEST version of your self so that you can create your life ecstatically from that place. Life gets to be our cosmic playground!

What are the deep desires within you that you want to birth? My job is to help you to shift reality and birth that world (in a fun, easeful & very magical way).

The current 1:1 offerings available include:

Akashic Records Session

Receive guidance and information from the Akashic Realms and your Cosmic Support Team, channeled through Aly for 75 minutes.

1:1 Coaching

Explore working with Aly 1:1 and the incredible expansion that occurs through this experience.

These group courses are run live about once per year (this varies), but you can also purchase some of them as a self-study option. Stay connected via e-mail to get notified when new courses are going live!

△Divinely Funded△

A 4 Month Group Course for Lightworkers Ready to Step Into Sacred Wealth & Leadership Through Their Unique Soul Mission

△40 Day Sacred Wealth Ritual△

Aly’s Signature Abundance Mindset Sacred Ceremony (Self-Study)

🌹 Infinite Beauty 🌹

Heal Body Image & Beauty Distortions to Amplify Your Radiance & Magnetism

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