Rage & Devotion : The Soul Codes of the Ancient Priestess 🌹

Sometimes rage is a deep part of my devotion. We’re told to stifle it, that rage is ugly, that we should just forgive and let go…

But how do you forgive what has happened to us as priestesses, as women, as a society? This has been a mf journey for me. 

To witness how the Truth has been twisted and turned, manipulated and lied about. With no consequence, whatsoever. 

To see the incredible power of my sisters, and society as a whole, be desecrated into suppression and submission. Ugh. 

Quite honestly, teaching about the ancient feminine has ravaged me. Yet, it is a deep calling that I cannot run away from. The importance of the return of our lineages and work as priestesses, shamans, healers, wisdom keepers call. In the last 3 years, I’ve learned and remembered the mastery I gained over lifetimes as a Priestess. Being that this opened up for me in such a quick time period, at times, it has 100% been too much for me to hold alone. I had to ask for help.

But, who do you ask for help, when the world has forgotten this part of history?

I asked Mary Magdalene for help…. I call her the Heart Healer. She can truly heal anything.

In the moments when I was holding deep despair, sadness, incredible grief topped with smoldering RAGE…. it felt like she was the only one who could understand or hold the ferocity and depth of what I was feeling. 

Mary Magdalene has helped me enormously in my personal life, but she has also deeply supported me in the activation of my Priestess lineage. This is one of the most valuable gifts I’ve ever been offered. 

I would like to share this gift with you in my new course, The Priestess Returns. I will be supporting on the 3d physical level with information, teachings and shamanic activations. Mary Magdalene will be in your energy field working in the quantum realm and doing energetic work with you, as you are comfortable. If you’re still reading this now, she is already with you. 

We’ll be together for 4 weeks and will be exploring Mary Magdalene as the High Priestess in a way that can help you activate your Priestess soul while healing the trauma, heartbreak, wounding, rage etc that may be alive within that space, suppressing memories or parts of yourself from emerging. You can learn about it here.  After the live group, this will be available as a self-study course until the next live round begins in Summer 2023.

What’s included: 

  • 4 Weekly modules teaching the activation of the Magdalene for that week (pre-recorded videos with a workbook). 
  • 4 Weekly group calls with an additional teaching as well as an Akashic Records healing journey.  

To me, the energy of this course feels like a deep heart activation. Allowing us to widen and deepen the heart’s capacity while healing the scar tissue in that area. We will also be doing deep work with the sacral, solar plexus and third eye chakras. Mostly, you’ll feel the deeper aspects of yourself that have been hidden, suppressed or ignored come back to life. 

Feel free to respond to this e-mail if you have any questions. You can register for the mystery school here

If you know someone else who would be super into this experience, please forward this e-mail to them or share the course with them. This is not easy work – we have almost no guidance. So, help a friend out and share this with them if you know it’s for them! 

PS – I have made a few YT videos about this if you’d like to dive deeper before the course. You can watch them here: 

You can also still get access to the Invoking Mary Magdalene Ceremony here. This is a two hour teaching on Mary Magdalene with an incredibly powerful shamanic journey at the end. I highly recommend it! 

Sending you lots of rose quartz energy from my heart to yours, 

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to receive my e-mails, you can join my community here. Wishing you abundance, love & all things magical, 

🌹 Aly Wilkins – alywilkinsabundance@gmail.com

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