The Eyes of the Tantrika 👁️

Hi Gorgeous,

As women, we are motivated by perfection. That makes us biologically tune into alllllll the reasons we aren’t good enough, already, without the help of the media, Instagram, magazine covers, the horrible fitting room lighting…

One of the things that has helped me completely reject and tune out of that experience of life is becoming a student of Tantra.  In the most basic form, Tantra could be described as a return back into oneness. My experience as I’ve practiced Tantra has included a feeling of incredible ecstasy (beyond what is experienced in even the best sex) and a deepening of my experience of what Divinity actually means, through a tangible feeling in my body.

It shifted me on a cellular level – allowing a new experience of life to be implemented and embodied throughout my being…

🌞 eradicating thoughts of being “less than”, “not enough”, or the insane idea that “something is wrong with me.”
🌞 Seeing myself through God’s eyes.
🌞 Seeing the World through a completely new lens. 

Living with the eyes of the Tantrika allows you to see the absolute Divinity within yourself… to see, feel and know your innate wholeness, exquisite depth and absolutely delicious nature. You can feel the texture of this, embodied throughout each and every cell.

It is delicious, orgasmic, buzzing with high frequency…This feels quite different than the energy we typically experience in life towards our bodies, does it not?

What would it be like if you looked at yourself in the mirror with that energy? What would that do to your magnetism? Your radiance? Your manifesting power? But mostly… your experience of life?

Infinite Beauty is an introduction into this type of embodiment. The ceremony itself helps you start to taste this experience and gives you the opportunity to choose it on a daily basis. As you move through the ceremony, you’ll begin to tap into this frequency more and more and can begin to channel it in your life.

Infinite Beauty includes: 
 🌹 28-day ceremony practice to attune you to a much deeper essence of beauty 
 🌹 4 modules to support the re-programming of your own stories around body image and beauty 
 🌹 3 group call replays from last year’s session 
 🌹 meditations & more 

To your beauty and FULL FLEDGED ECSTASY! 

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